Water supply

For clean drinking water: We supply suppliers.

We at Grünbeck have great respect for the work of water suppliers worldwide. It's their responsibility to ensure an uninterrupted supply of drinking water for many people, which complies with strict regulations and is hygienically impeccable. And we are proud that many renowned companies from this sector regard us as their partner and rely on our technologies for water treatment. We supply products for water supply and private water supply for systems that supply very few or many thousands of people with water. We also support aid workers in disaster areas with decentralised systems for drinking water treatment. Our goal is ambitious: clean drinking water for all. But we know that it can be achieved.


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There are strict rules for drinking water And that’s a good thing.

It must be clear. Colourless. And free of odours. The German Drinking Water Ordinance specifies very high standards for drinking water quality. This ensures that anyone, anywhere in Germany is supplied with drinking water that is fresh and that they can drink without a second thought. Together with our customers from the water supply industry, we build systems for this purpose that treat water as drinking water in such a way that it fully complies with all the specifications of the German Drinking Water Ordinance.

We support water suppliers in the planning, construction and maintenance of their water supply systems. In doing so, we rely on technologies for the exact dosing of important additives, as well as on fine and ultra-fine filters that filter out all undesirable substances from the water. If necessary, we reduce iron, manganese, nitrate and other substances in the water to levels well below the respective limit values. And thanks to special membrane systems, we even filter viruses and bacteria out of the water. The water passes through our systems until nothing else remains but pure and fresh drinking water.

We are also on site when things get particularly difficult.

Like the German Drinking Water Ordinance, the WHO guidelines specify requirements for drinking water all over the world. As a globally active company, we align ourselves with these in order to supply everyone with a sufficient amount of clean drinking water. We are aware that each drinking water project can be completely different from all the previous ones. That's why we decide anew for each project, in cooperation with the customer, where we will rely on proven standard components and where we will develop completely new solutions.

We build both large and small systems for decentralised water supply. And we are also on site when fast help is called for after disasters in order to secure the water supply for the survivors. Let's do together what must be done. Because we’re all human beings. And because we believe that everyone has a right to clean drinking water.