Ultrapure Water Installations

For industrial applications and hydrogen production

Grünbeck Ultrapure Water Installations

Ultrapure water, produced through advanced water treatment processes, finds a myriad of critical applications across various industries. In semiconductor manufacturing, ultrapure water is indispensable for cleaning silicon wafers and dissolving chemicals used in the production of microchips, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of electronic components. Additionally, in healthcarepharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, ultrapure water is essential for the formulation of drugs, preparation of medical devices, and laboratory research, where even trace impurities can compromise experiments or patient safety. Moreover, ultrapure water plays a crucial role in power generation, where it is utilized for boiler feedwater, cooling systems, and steam turbine operations, preventing corrosion and maintaining efficiency in power plants. 

At Grünbeck we use cutting-edge technology to produce ultrapure water by further purifying or polishing water by means of EDI, this is also known as electro-deionisation. The conductivity of the source water will be reduced in the process from 10-20 to < 0.2 µS/cm. This ultrapure water is extremely suitable for high-pressure steam boilers, the petrochemical & pharmaceutical industries, and hydrogen production.


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Reference Project

Demineralisation system for hydrogen production

  • Make-up water feed of demineralised water with a conductivity of < 0.2 µS/cm
    • Capacity: 360 l/h
    • System components: Supply tank, pressure booster system, softening system, activated carbon filter, residual hardness monitoring, reverse osmosis system, membrane degassing, electrodeionisation, pure water tank
  • Circulation water treatment to the residual demineralisation system at < 0.1 µS/cm for water temperatures up to 60 °C (up to 70 °C for short periods)
    • Capacity: 4 m³/h System components: UV system to the TOC reduction system, mixed bed ion exchanger cartridges, sterile filter
    • Material: Stainless steel 1.4404

What is ultrapure water?

Ultrapure water is fully desalinated, and therefore has a very low conductivity. Thanks to the low conductivity, ultrapure water no longer contains ions (contamination). Salts can be filtered out of water using various techniques. At Grünbeck, we use our unique and high-quality reverse osmosis installations followed by mixed-bed or electro-deionisation (EDI).

EDI: electro-deionisation of water

A mixed bed is a classic technology where resin binds the ions (salts) in the water. EDI is a more modern variant and uses membrane technology in combination with resin. EDI has the great advantage of being a continuous process, meaning regenerations – as is the case with resins – are no longer necessary. This technique is successfully applied in many hospitals, laboratories and with producers of ultrapure water and hydrogen.

Water installations for hydrogen production

Green hydrogen is produced by using ultrapure water and involves electrolysis, a process where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. Ultrapure water is almost free from ions and has a very low conductivity of lower than < 0.1 µS/cm. Choosing the right water treatment ensures efficient electrolysis, minimizing side reactions and contaminants during the electrolysis. Grünbeck provides water installations for any source of freshwater.

Ultrapure water for hydrogen electrolysis

Ultrapure water is indispensable for the production of hydrogen. For the preparation of this ultrapure water, various high-quality water treatments are necessary. Grünbeck has all necessary water treatment technologies in their range. Ultrapure water is completely free of salts and has a very low conductivity. The basis is usually drinking water that is treated in three ways. First, a softener removes limescale from the water. Next, an active carbon filter removes the chlorine in the water. Then, using reverse osmosis (RO) and EDI(electro-deionisation), the salts are removed. Find out more about the individual steps below.

Optimal adjustment for electrolysis

Grünbeck has extensive experience in manufacturing and assembling installations that turn water into ion-free, ultrapure water. As a result, we know exactly which application is right for your organization, situation and process. We are also experienced in polishing water (in partial flow) in the electrolysis units. This is possible up to temperatures of 80°C. Often the recycling flow of hydrogen production is generated via mixed beds cartridges. These remove the impurities and keep the water ultrapure. We connect these techniques mechanically and electrically. In this way, all components communicate with each other so that the entire process is optimally regulated from start to finish. This prevents many breakdowns on site, partly because we always test the combinations before they leave our factory.

Plug-and-play water installations ready for use

Grünbeck water treatment systems are ready for immediate use at location. Due to our plug-and-play system, we can produce water installations in different sizes - ready to be used. Depending on the demands of the production site we can arrange and adjust individual units on a frame. This shortens the planning phase of your projects significantly.

We produce the following boxed units:

  • 400l/h ultrapure water for 1 MW electrolysers
  • 1100l/h ultrapure water for 5 MW electrolysers
  • 1800l/h ultrapure water for 10 MW electrolysers

Our installations can be connected to serve electrolysers up to 500 MW.

Factory- (wet-) tested in Germany

Each of our water treatment systems is tailored to our client’s needs and extensively tested before it leaves the production site in Germany. This means that the installation is fully adapted to the application in your organisation and guaranteed to work. In this way, we help you to get the best out of your product — the only thing left to do after delivery is to connect the water supply and plug it in.

Service and maintenance of ultrapure water installations

In consultation with the client, Grünbeck installations can be equipped with the option of remote monitoring.This allows our service organization to remotely view the operation of the installation and provide optimal service support, anywhere in the world. In consultation, even predictive maintenance can be offered, reducing downtime to the absolute minimum.


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The Grünbeck Guaranty

At Grünbeck we like to be pioneers. That’s why our water treatment installations always contain high-quality technologies that are the result of innovations we develop, test and test again ourselves. All to ensure that water treatment by Grünbeck is as efficient and trouble-free as possible, but also energy-efficient, water-saving and chemical-neutral as possible.

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