Fully softened water in a compact design

The Grünbeck softliQ:MD12i water softener

The new softliQ:MD12i water softener is perfectly tailored to industry and commerce. It works according to the proven ion exchange principle and reliably provides fully softened water < 0.1 °dH around the clock. As a twin system with two exchanger bottles, it works in alternating operation: While one bottle is working, the other bottle is automatically regenerated.



Space savings of approx. 50 % compared to conventional water softeners allow for placement in confined areas


Easy and intuitive operation as well as guided start-up via touch screen


Numerous control and operating functions thanks to the softliQ’s integration into the Cloud via Wi-Fi or LAN as well as worldwide access via Grünbeck’s myProduct app


Smart water sensor for protection against water damage early on

softliQ:MD12i water softener - Fully softened water in a compact design.

The Grünbeck softliQ:MD12i water softener provides fully softened water and offers a 60% increase in performance compared to the predecessor model.

Compared to conventional water softeners in this service size, the softliQ:MD12i is significantly more compact. With a space saving of around 50%, it can be installed even in the tightest of spaces. This means that it can be used in numerous industrial sectors and in the commercial sector, for example in heating systems, laboratories, ventilation and air-conditioning systems or in the catering industry. In addition, it can be used as a preliminary stage for Grünbeck reverse osmosis systems.

With a maximum continuous flow of 1.2 m³/h at a raw water hardness of 15 °dH, it is 60 % more powerful than its predecessor model, "Soft Water Master GSX 10-I". Parallel operation of two softliQ:MD12i with a continuous flow of 2.4 m³/h is also possible.



Technical specifications

Water softener softliQ:MD12i
Nominal flow 1.2
Pressure loss at nominal flow [bar] 0.5
Nominal capacity (exchangers in alternating operation) [m³ x °dH mol] 2 x 15 2 x 2.7
Brine tank capacity [kg] 95
Order no. 187140